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About Us

About UsRight Meet Left, LLC is a complete internet marketing consulting company and media buying agency.  Our origins started several years ago as a small team that began by building websites for the sale of healthcare products.

Our personal success allowed us to grow our business and we started to offer our expertise to others and hence began our internet marketing consulting practice.  Our client list grew and in 2005 Right Meets Left, LLC was born.

With the creation Right Meets Left we partnered with the internet's top minds and networks in search engine optimization, web design, pay per click, email marketing, cost per action and media buying to become the internet marketing force that we are today.

Our team has an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of traffic generation, internet marketing and a full spectrum of media channels and we will leverage that experience to help you create not only more business, but better, targeted business.

While we have grown to be an incredible online success, we know what it is like to be a small fish in the big pond of the world wide web.  We therefore build solutions for individuals and firms of all sizes and whatever your budget, we will work with you to maximize your online business.

"Since working with Right Meets Left my PPC click through rates have almost tripled while my costs have been cut nearly in half..."

Dylan H. - Solon, OH 

"We went form virtually no rankings to achieving top rankings in the search engines for our main keywords in no time at all."

Eileen C. - Chicago, IL

"Our sales have nearly doubled since you began our media buying campaigns.  Thank you!"

Bryan G. - New York, NY